Jobs & Economic Development

Rural West Tennesseans need good jobs at good wages. Too many hard-working Tennesseans are struggling to provide for their families. Far too many have been left out and left behind. As your State Representative, I will work with local and state economic development professionals and elected leaders to build a plan to attract new employers and industries to our District.

Health Care

No one should lose their home when they get sick or lose their life because they can’t afford to go to the doctor. But Tennessee is one of only 14 states that refused federal funds to expand Medicaid, leaving hundreds of thousands of Tennesseans without health insurance. Almost three-fourths of the states, including Indiana when Vice-President Mike Pence was governor, have accepted the federal funds. If we don’t take the money, Tennesseans will pay taxes for other states to get health care, but too many of our men and women will do without. 

No one’s parent or child should die because the local hospital closed. Yet recently hospitals in McKenzie and six other rural West Tennessee towns have closed. Tennessee is losing more hospitals than any state in the nation except one. I support former Governor Haslam’s plan to save lives and save hospitals by accepting federal funds and Tennessee taxpayers keeping money here instead of sending it to California and New York. 

The current global pandemic, Covid-19, exponentially exposes the lack of healthcare to the most vulnerable of our district and state. The Covid-19 pandemic requires strong leadership in Tennessee. We have seen too many mixed messages on testing and the reopening of our businesses. We all want our lives to return to normal but we must respect science and our experts in the field. Policy decisions on public health should be based on good data and science. I will always do what is best for all of us, not just a favored few.

I will work with everyone on both sides of the aisle to make sure every Tennessean has a family doctor. 


Our children are our future. Every single child in Tennessee, regardless of their zip code, deserves an opportunity to succeed. 

I will work hand-in-hand with teachers to meet the challenges they face in the classroom and make sure they have the resources our children need. Our teachers deserve to be treated and compensated like the professionals they are. And I will make sure teachers and parents can help our children without government bureaucrats in Nashville interfering with our schools.

School Vouchers

I will fight to keep our taxpayer money here at home and oppose any effort to divert it ,through the Education Savings Account, to private schools. This legislation shifts taxpayer money into government contracted private schools and home schools, taking it away from our rural hometown schools.


The University of Tennessee in Martin and Bethel University in McKenzie are driving forces in the 76th District. They allow our children to stay close to home and get a quality and affordable education. They also create great economic opportunities for our local businesses. I will work with the administrations of both to ensure they are getting all the resources and help they need to succeed and grow. We are blessed to have them and we must make sure that we do everything in our power to keep them here for future generations of great leaders.

Second Amendment

I hunt, shoot, and have a concealed carry permit. I own multiple firearms. I will support our rights as law-abiding citizens to own firearms, and I will defend our Second Amendment Rights, always. 


I am pro-life. As a Christian, I believe abortion is morally wrong and against the teachings of the Bible. However, I know some women and their families face tragic, difficult decisions during pregnancy, like when a woman’s very life is in danger or the pregnancy resulted from rape or incest. These are decisions for the woman to make through her relationship with God and her healthcare provider and not dictated by the Government.

The Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis has been ignored for far too long. It affects too many and overburdens our emergency rooms, doctors, EMTs, and police. I will work with medical professionals to find solid solutions and vote for the state to help our communities. 


The Internet is as important as our interstates. The jobs of tomorrow require Internet access today. The lack of broadband hurts our rural communities in economic growth, health care, and education. 

We must close the rural “digital divide.” I did it in Dresden as Mayor, and I will work to do it as your State Representative. 

Improving and maintaining our highways will strengthen economic development and the agriculture industry across the District. Good roads can bring good jobs. I will always stand up for our rural way of life and our economy.

Working Together & Independent Leadership

As an Independent State Representative, the people of Northwest Tennessee will be my first and foremost concern in the Legislature. My experience as a small business owner, family man, and mayor of a small town will help guide my decisions at our state Capitol.  I will work every day to earn and maintain your trust and support as I represent you in Nashville.. 

I can and will work with everyone to get things done. We must end the nasty political fussing and fighting that has crippled Tennessee and the nation. I will support a good idea, no matter who comes up with it. I will work with all the people of our district. 

Meet Jeff Washburn

I became a candidate for State Representative of the 76th House District after receiving encouragement from my friends of both major political parties to run for this office.

I am running as an Independent candidate.

My political beliefs are centrist in nature and incorporate both Republican and Democrat philosophies, which most moderate Republicans and conservative Democrats could easily identify with.

I consider myself to be conservative, particularly where monetary policy is concerned. These conservative values have guided me during my tenure as Mayor of the City of Dresden for the past five years and as a Dresden City Alderman for two years prior to becoming Mayor. I have demanded accountability from department heads and employees of the city during my tenure as Mayor. I will do the same on the state level as your State Representative.

One of the things that my constituents in the City of Dresden say they like about me is my availability to speak with them one-on-one when they have a matter of concern. I will be more than happy to speak to the voters of the 76th District about issues at any time if given the honor of being elected as your next State Representative for the 76th District. During my tenure as Mayor, I have worked with citizens of many different political persuasions and points of view to reach common goals.

I pledge to be a State Representative that puts the interest of the 76th District and its citizens first and foremost.

I feel that as an independent member of the legislature, I would have the ability to work with members of both political parties to be a uniter, instead of a divider, on major issues before the state legislature. I will serve the citizens of the 76th District confidently and honorably if elected as your State Representative.

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